Planning a Trip to Paris

Trip to ParisPlanning a trip to Paris? Don’t know where to start? This guide will help you figure out what to see and do, and how to structure your time. Find out how to fit the top places to visit into your itinerary, get daytrip ideas, and more.

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What to Do in 3 Days in Paris

notre dameWhile three days to in Paris, is not a lot time, you can fit in the must-sees if you plan your schedule carefully. Skip the daytrips -- you don't have the time to spare, anyway, hit the attractions at the right times of day, utilize the evenings to see even more, and skip the lines whenever possible with pre-purchased passes and pre-booked tours. Here's how to plan a fun-filled trip and see Paris in 3 days.

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Guide to the Latin Quarter in Paris

Latin QuarterWhere: Left Bank, 5th arrondissement

The appeal of the Latin Quarter is it's bohemian vibe coupled with its central location in the heart of Paris. It's ideal for urban explorers who want the ability to walk to many major tourist attractions. It's also suitable for younger travelers on a budget who'll be looking for nightlife and won't mind the nighttime noise and crowds.

The hangout spots and lively bars and restaurants make for a safe environment to walk around (or back to your hotel room) at night, so women traveling alone might want to consider this area for that reason.

The Latin Quarter has been a student district since the 13th century. That's actually how the neighborhood got its name -- Latin was the language of the many universities and institutions of higher learning in the area, including the Sorbonne and the College de France.

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Guide to Paris: St. Germain & the 6th Arrondissement

st germainSt. Germain is the genteel cousin of the neighboring Latin Quarter. It's the site of the medieval village of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, but today the moniker is usually used refer to the entire 6th arrondissement.

This quarter has cultivated its reputation as an intellectual hub through its' many educational institutions and it's famous literary cafes, once frequented by philosophers, artists, and Lost Generation American expat writers and poets. Along Boulevard St. Germain, one can trace the footsteps of Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Sartre, Picasso, and Truffaut.

Today, this highly sought-after neighborhood is the epitome of everything hip and chic. Its upscale boutique-lined streets make it a shopping mecca, and hotshot chefs have begun staking their claim in this quarter as well.

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The Best Time to Visit Paris

Tuileries GardensWhen's the best time to visit Paris? The holidays are magical, and the shoulder seasons offer travel savings (and fewer crowds), while the summer brings a flurry of festivals, carnivals, and celebrations, and lots of daylight during which to enjoy them. No matter what time of year you visit, you'll have a unique experience.

Find out what to expect in Paris during each season, when to beat the crowds and nab travel deals, and what holidays and special events to plan your trip around.

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